PZJA and Committees

This page provides access to meeting records of the PZJA and its various Committees and Working Groups. Information about the operation of MACs and RAGs can be found in PZJA Fisheries Management Paper number 1.

Please note the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), on behalf of the PZJA, is currently seeking applications for Chairpersons, Research Members and Industry members for the various PZJA consultative forums. You can find more information and view the application form for Torres Strait Committee memberships here. Applications close on Friday 29 January 2016.

PZJA – Protected Zone Joint Authority

TSSAC – Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee

TSTRLWG – Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster Working Group

TSTRLRAG – Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster Resource Assessment Group

TSPMAC – Torres Strait Prawn Management Advisory Committee

TSPWG – Torres Strait Prawn Working Group

TSFMAC – Torres Strait Fisheries Management Advisory Committee

TSFFWG – Torres Strait Finfish Working Group

TSHCWG – Torres Strait Hand Collectables Working Group

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