Torres Strait Hand Collectables Working Group meeting (TSHCWG)

Agenda and Papers
HCWG 10, Harvest strategy workshop, 3 November 2016
Agenda 122kb
Minutes 452kb
HCWG 9 Followup Industry Workshop, 19 October 2016, Erub Island
Agenda 115kb
Workshop Outcomes – Improving Black Teatfish Reporting 616kb
HCWG 9, 21-22 June 2016, Thursday Island
Agenda 23kb
Minutes  633kb
HCWG 8, 30 April 2015, Thursday Island
Agenda and meeting papers
Minutes (PDF) 278kb
HCWG 7, 2 October 2013, Thursday Island
Agenda 38kb
Combined Papers 1.7MB
Hand Collectable Working Group meeting 7 Minutes (PDF)  296kb
HCWG 6, 10 December 2012, Thursday Island
Agenda 25kb
Chair’s Summary 244kb
Minutes 585kb
Combined Agenda Papers 2MB
HCWG 5, 29-30 November 2011, Thursday Island
Agenda 25kb
Chair’s Summary 244kb
Minutes 585kb
Combined Agenda Papers 2MB
HCWG 4, 27-28 July 2010, Thursday Island
Draft Agenda 55kb
Chair’s summary 83kb
Minutes 296kb
Combined papers 141kb
Attachment 1.1 – Minutes, meeting 3 85kb
Attachment 2.1 – Warrior Reef Milestone Report, May 2010 855kb
Attachment 2.2a – Torres Strait Hand Collectables 2009 survey: Sea cucumber 2.4MB
Attachment 2.2b – Torres Strait Hand Collectables 2009 survey: Trochus 954kb
Attachment 2.2c – Trochus and beche-de-mer survey training workshop 5.5MB
Attachment 2.3 – Trochus survey research proposal for comment 21kb
HCWG 3, 5-6 August 2009, Pearls Building, Thursday Island
Agenda 202kb
Minutes 86kb
Combined papers 112kb
1.2A Attachment No.1 minutes 516kb
1.2B Attachment No.2 minutes 519kb
2.3 A TSBDM Strategic Assessment Report 176kb
2.3 B TSTF Strategic Assessment Report 188kb
HCWG 2, 17-18 July 2008, Pearls Building, Thursday Island
Agenda 53kb
Minutes 203kb
1. Meeting administration
1.1 Ratification of TSHCWG No. 1 meeting record (AFMA) 107kb
1.2 PZJA 22 outcomes (AFMA) 23kb
1.3 Actions and/or business arising from previous TSHCWG meetings (AFMA) 10kb
1.4 PZJA FMP No. 1 (May 2008) (AFMA) 312kb
2. Reports
2.1 Working Group representative updates (ALL)
2.2 Strategic Assessments – Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (AFMA) 32kb
3. Reports
3.1 Community involvement in proposed research (AFMA/CSIRO) 30kb
3.2 Community based harvest strategies (AFMA/CSIRO) 294kb
3.3 Update on reseeding projects
4. Management Issues
4.1 Current licensing arrangements for beche-de-mer, trochus and pearl shell (QLD DPIF) 41kb
4.2 Proposed management amendments (AFMA)
4.3 Sponge farm and other aquaculture issues (TSRA)
5. Compliance
5.1 Domestic compliance update (QPI&F)
5.2 Foreign compliance update (AFMA)
6. Other business
6.1 Marketing opportunities
6.2 Dates for next meeting
HCWG 1, 9-10 October 2007, Thursday Island
Minutes 238kb