Comments recieved on draft Tropical Rock Lobster Management Plan

The draft Torres Strait Fishery (Quotas for Tropical Rock Lobster (Kaiar)) Management Plan 2016 (the Plan) was open for public comment from 28 September to 31 October 2016. 

At the request of PBC Chairpersons, AFMA undertook public meetings at each Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Community to explain the purpose and provisions of the draft Plan.

You can review a copy of the draft plan, associated documents and the comments received below:

Letter_stakeholders_TRL Management Plan 2016

TRL draft Management Plan 2016

Frequently Asked Questions – TRL Management Plan

FAQ_Att A – Section by section index Tropical Rock Lobster Plan

Enclosure to Att A – Tropical Rock Lobster catch history verification policy

FAQ_Att B – Existing management arrangements and expected changes

Media release – Call for comment on draft Tropical Rock Lobster Management Plan

Torres Strait Regional Authority’s comments on the draft Tropical Rock Lobster Management Plan

Submissions received during public comment period

Disclaimer: Publication of this material is made in response to the requirement to seek and give consideration to public comment, prior to making and registering this proposed legislative instrument. The publication has, for reasons of transparency, been unedited and is not an endorsement or adoption by AFMA, the PZJA or any other body of the views, alleged facts or opinions expressed by the authors of any published submission.

 TRL Management Plan submission – Kenneth McKenzie

TRL Management Plan submission – Phil Hughes

TRL Management Plan submission – Raymond Moore

TRL Management Plan submission – Luke Dillion

TRL Management Plan submission  – Torres Strait Fishers Association

TRL Management Plan submission – Malu Lamar

TRL Management Plan submission – Traditional Owners from Mabuiag

 TRL Management Plan submission – Torres Strait Seafood Pty Ltd